a worker operating a stump grinder during stump removal project

Why Professional Stump Removal Is the Best Choice For Homeowners

If you have a lot of unsightly stumps on your property the best way to get rid of them safely is to hire professionals that specialize in stump removal. Removing stumps and trees from a property can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and if you don’t have the right equipment it can be expensive to get the equipment that you need.

Most homeowners don’t think that having a few stumps is that big of a deal. Maybe you had some trees fall a few years ago and there are still some stumps. Or maybe there have been stumps scattered across your property since you moved in and removing them was just never a high priority. It doesn’t matter why you still have stumps in your yard. What matters is getting them removed. Lucky for you, we spoke with stump removal experts StumpTech who explained everything to us.

a stump grinder grinding a stump, the project is nearly completed
A stump grinder chips away at a large tree stump.

Why Stump Removal Is Necessary

When tree stumps are left in the ground they are more than ugly. They can also be dangerous. When stumps are left in the ground with the tree roots intact those roots can become a major tripped hazard. Stumps can also become hazards in your yard. So if you have pets that run around in the yard, or if you have kids that play outside often having stumps in the yard is just inviting accidents. At some point your pets or your kids will probably injure themselves on a stump. And if you like to entertain outdoors in  your yard you definitely need to have the yard cleared so that your guests can walk around or play in the yard without risking their safety.

Leaving stumps in your yard invites all kinds of animals and pests to take up residence in your yard.

Another reason why stumps should always be removed is that they can attract pests. Rodents and other pests can chew the wood and make nests inside the hollow stump of the tree that is left. They also can gnaw on the roots. Insects can also inhabit the swarm like ants and bees. Leaving stumps in your yard invites all kinds of animals and pests to take up residence in your yard. And then the animals that feed on those rodents or insects will be attracted to your yard too. If you want to keep wildlife out of your yard you need to get rid of those stumps.

Not getting rid of the stumps after the tree has been cut down can also damage the soil in your yard and make your lawn and garden look ragged and unkept. For safety reasons as well to preserve the curb appeal of your home those stumps must go.

Better Results

Choosing professional stump removal and professional tree removal is the smart choice for homeowners. Getting the stump and the roots of out the ground can be very difficult and physically intensive work. Most homeowners don’t really understand how difficult it can be to get a stump out of the ground and get all the tree roots out of the ground too.

Here’s a few reasons hiring pros is the best choice:

  • Pros have the best equipment (which is key to being able to get the best results)
  • Pros know how to do the entire job (from start to finish)
  • Pros take all the right safety precautions (even the ones homeowners don’t know about!)
  • Pros get the job done quickly and effectively (your property will look great!)

Even if homeowners rent equipment to remove stumps in their yards they won’t be getting the top of the line equipment that professional have. And they won’t have the experience to use that equipment safely so that they can get results fast.

a stump grinding machine at rest
Stay safe! Stump removal is a job best left to the professionals.

When you choose professional stump removal you will get the best possible results in the quickest amount of time without having to rent a lot of equipment or risk your own health and safety to remove stumps in your yard. And when you think about the cost of your time and the risks involved in trying to remove stumps and trees in your yard it’s clear that hiring professionals who have the skills, experience, and equipment to get the job done right and done quickly is the smartest choice.

That’s why smart homeowners choose to have professional stump removal done on their property. Don’t bother renting a stump grinder and trying to figure out the safest way to use it. Just call the professionals.

Professional Stump Removal Is Affordable

Most jobs can be completed by professionals who specialize in stump removal in an under an hour

It costs homeowners a lot of money to rent a stump grinder and other equipment and to get the safety equipment needed to safely try and remove stumps. But professionals who remove tree stumps and trees every day already have the equipment and expertise to get those stumps up fast. Most jobs can be completed by professionals who specialize in stump removal in an under an hour unless there are a lot of stumps that need removing. By the time it takes you to find a stump grinder to rent the job can be done and your yard can be clear.

If you want to get those stumps out of  your yard as soon as possible call for a free professional stump removal estimate today.